It is hard to provide estimates for all cars, as they come in various shapes and sizes. However, here you’ll find a guide to give you a good idea of the expected costs for your car wrapping:

  • Small Passenger Vehicle starting at $2,700
  • Medium Passenger Vehicle starting at $3,500
  • Large Passenger Vehicle starting at $4,400
  • Sports Coupe starting at $3,700
  • Small 4WD starting at $4,900
  • Large 4WD starting at $5,300
  • Small Commercial Van starting at
  • Large Commercial Van starting at

Car wrap costs vary tremendously, so please talk with our design staff to get an exact estimate. These averages will not include GST on this page, and they are for solid colour vinyl wraps only. If you seek graphics and other designs, the prices will increase as the entire process is more complex. Also, these estimates are for vehicles that have closed-door wrapping installed. A closed-door wrap is where you cannot see the original paint colour when the doors are closed, but when they’re open, the colour will show.