One of the most common uses for laser cutting in the signage industry is vector cutting (this can be completed with 0.01mm accuracy). Working with our laser machine and the CNC router together means that you can expect a huge variety of potential cutting that suits most signage and display projects. The lasers have the ability to transform acrylic sheets, wooden products, or cardboard into a final product that can add value to wherever it is installed.


For the signage industry you have many options when it comes to making use of laser cutting technology, some examples include:


  • Illuminated logos and letters, cut or engraved into acrylic for advertising
  • Contour cuts to make your illuminated letters stand out
  • Acrylic panels marked, or engraved, for use in large format LED lit surfaces
  • Banners and flags cut to a determined size
  • Displays cut or engraved into a variety of shapes
  • Polished finishes achieved through the laser cutter (which is superior to that achieved on a CNC cutter)