We only use the best vinyl in the market for boat wrapping, using mostly 3m and Avery marine wrap range. We also use 3m primer edge sealant for optimum preparation prior vinyl application. If you look after the wrap and do proper cleaning on it. It should last for a long time but obviously over the years, it will ultimately fade and it will have to be replaced. Colour vinyl that comes from the manufacture will always outlast printed vinyl, even when you overlaminate the prints. You can expect up to 7 years durability for the colour vinyl and around 4 to 5 for the printed option. That said, it will vary a lot depending on how well you look after it and how much sun exposure the boat will have. If the boat is docked at a marina 24/7 vs one that is berthed in a dry warehouse, the latter will certainly outlast the longevity of the former.