Traditional neon signs – At first, neon signs were made using the old school way, using glass. These had to be hand crafted into the desired letters or shapes. Then gas is added to the tubes. This produces the fluorescent light, which folks identify as ‘neon.’  It looks really cool, but it is a dying art as it is far more complex, expensive and time consuming to be produced, apart from being a heavy energy user and fragile as well due the fact it is built using glass.

LED neon signs – These are fabricated with the use of LED which stands for Light Emitting Diodes. They are connected with each other, which then created a reliable source of light and in the case of flex led neon, it comes with an acrylic backing which can be cut to shape or produced in a particular shape, in most cases the backing acrylic is transparent, but depending on the application, there are multiple colours to choose from and even combination of application of vinyl over a backing panel or direct printing if a pattern is involved in the design. The backing acrylic prevents the flex tubes from losing their shape as they are very flexible.