A vinyl car wrap is just like placing protective skin all over your vehicle. Therefore, the car must be as clean as possible when delivered to our team. You shouldn’t have any waxes, oil, or dirt on the vehicle. While your vehicle should be in a clean state, our install team will still give the panels a clean as they prepare the surface to receive the vinyl.

If you have any existing rust patches, these need to be taken care of before the wrapping process can begin. All current vinyl artwork needs to be removed. You can do it yourself, or we can complete this for an additional fee. If you’re removing it yourself, make sure you get every part of it, including any adhesive glue, as that can hinder the installation process of your new vinyl. For any vehicle that has paint in poor condition or has recently been resprayed, we cannot be held liable for damage due to the car wrapping process.

In summary, if you’re looking for car wraps Sydney, reach out for a free consultation. We also service both Melbourne and Canberra with car wraps, or with entire fleet wraps, we can service the entire country of Australia.