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Signage installation done right

As a top-rated sign company in Sydney, Platinum Signs takes safety seriously – especially when it comes to installation. When it comes to a safe workplace for installation of all types of signs, we offer a safe work environment to our employees and contractors.

Here is how we effect best-in-class safety as a top-rated signage company:

  • We work with a wide network of experienced installers across the country and our dedicated team of installers based in Sydney
  • We either have the skills or can outsource the right team for every installation requirement, including abseiling tasks, which most companies won’t take on due to complexity.
  • We operate a wide range of equipment. That is, a wide range of signage projects nowadays involve various types of installation equipment such as the following: knuckle-booms, scissor lifts, cherry-pickers, scaffolding. Our qualified teams have the required qualifications and permits to carry out such tasks.
  • We have a dedicated manager overseeing the whole project.
  • We always follow strictly safety and health guidelines to make sure we offer a safe environment for our staff members as well as our clients and the public in general when performing installation of our signs.
  • We can handle the job. Although we offer all clients the flexible option to undertake their own signage installation or use a third party company, we are just as happy to take on the challenge ourselves.
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Consistency and efficiency

Creating beautiful signs for your business is one issue. We do that, and do that very well. But we are also the “go to” vendor when looking for a qualified and professional all-in-one package of printing and installation services. Apart from doing installations for our own clients, we work with multiple design agencies, architectural firms, independent graphic designers and fit out companies to assist with the printing and / or installation of their client projects. We have a very strong team of signage installers in Sydney and a wide network or reliable contractors across the country.

We install all types of signs, from billboards to window / wall / floor graphics as well as acrylic, metal panels and single car wraps or large fleets of trucks and vans. Platinum Signs has the knowledge and the skills required to advise and perform simple or complex signage installations.

Clients can enjoy the benefits of our fully integrated services. These provide a seamless process from planning to design and manufacture, all the way through to hassle-free installation. No job is too big or small for the team, including signage removal or repositioning and new installations.

It is very important to remember that all signage, in particular outdoor signs, are subject to eventual degradation from external factors. For example, vandalism or acts of extreme weather condition are out of our control. That said, the lifespan of the signage you choose to have installed can be significantly lengthened when your signage is correctly installed with the adequate techniques and appropriate equipment to execute the task.

Why Use Platinum Signs for Your Sign Installation?

As a Top-rated Sign Company, We Provide:

  • Fully qualified 2 or 3 men teams or any many as required.
  • Various access equipment such as cherry picker, boom lift, scissor lift.
  • Our workers are fully covered by insurance.
  • Well presented, polite installers.
  • Dedicated project manager for best communication.
  • Specialized graphic installers.
  • Nationwide reach. Based in Sydney, but serving Melbourne and Canberra as well as locations throughout Australia.
  • All our work is fitted to the highest standards.

Services Included:

  • Signage Removal
  • Building Hoardings
  • General building signage
  • Site Surveys
  • Retail Displays
  • Installing Internal & External Signage
  • Maintenance, Repairs of signage
  • Vinyl Application, Illuminated & L.E.D Signage
  • Relocating Existing Signage where applicable

Placing signage around your premises may pose a number of challenges, especially when done for the first time. Whether you are installing a brand-new entrance signage, office signage, safety signage, 3d illuminated signs, monolith signs or acrylic panels, you want to make sure that the product is installed in the right way and will remain reliable  over numerous years.


Do you Assist with the Sign Installation?2022-01-27T19:40:32+00:00

Yes, we have our own team of sign installers as well as a strong network of qualified sign contractors to assist with the installation of our projects involving any quantity of ACM panels, from single panels to multiple ones forming a large sign. In many cases the use of high reach equipment is required when ladders are not applicable. We can advise on the best options for all types of signage as well as work with you regarding required permits. The requirements of business signage vary greatly depending on which council you are in (Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, etc.).

What are the Methods of Sign Installation?2022-01-27T19:38:23+00:00

Our signs are installed in many locations – indoors, outdoors, and everywhere in between. Outdoor installations most commonly involve specific glue for ACM or silicon as well as the use of screws to make sure the panels stay in place. For inside installations, double sided tape can be used depending on the size. You also have the option of pins – metal standoffs – which are stylish and easy to install.

Can you Cut to Shape ACM?2022-01-27T19:34:42+00:00

Yes we have flatbed CNC router technology which allows us to cut to most shapes ACM panels. Extensively used for 3d flat signage, but these can also be to cut panels in large scale precisely.

Can the Corners of the Panels be Round or Have Holes?2022-01-27T19:33:17+00:00

Yes, a lot of our business sign projects involve cutting round corners and holes accordingly on ACM panels. The pre-drilled holes make the installation process considerable faster. As a top-rated sign vendor, we offer many options.

Do you Apply Anti-Graffiti Lamination?2022-01-27T19:32:15+00:00

Graffiti can, unfortunately, be a problem on shops in Sydney, Melbourne, and other big cities in Austrlia. Thus, we can apply anti-graffiti lamination at an extra cost. It is an excellent option to make sure you can easily wipe off the panels when vandals spray them instead of having to reprint them all. Anti-graffiti lamination for signs comes only in gloss finish only.

Is it Cheaper to Buy Signs in Bulk?2022-01-27T18:32:47+00:00

Certainly, the more signs you buy, the better the price we can provide you with. More of the same print also assist reducing the cost vs multiple artwork setup. We offer unbeatable trade prices too, feel free to call us to discuss your requirements.

What are the Sizes of Panels Available?2022-01-27T18:32:00+00:00

A full sheet of standard ACM is 2440mm x 1220mm, so we can custom cut to any size within these dimensions. Oversized panels – We can’t direct print on these ones, we can only apply vinyl to them. The maximum size we can supply is 3000mm x 1500mm. Please note, oversized panels will have a considerable higher cost for transportation, we are limited to shipping oversized panels within Sydney Metro.


What Colours are Available for Signage?2022-01-27T18:31:33+00:00

We work with a wide range of colours with all basic ones available. The most common coulours for signage are printable white ACM sheets as well as black and brushed finished ACM panels.

What is the Turnaround Time for ACM panel printing?2022-01-27T18:30:56+00:00

In most cases, we have a quick turnaround of 1-3 days after artwork approval. Depending on the complexity of the project involved and with the use of CNC router cutting of complex shapes, V grooving ACM or large size orders, the standard turnaround is 5-7 days for dispatch.

Do you Laminate the ACM panels?2022-01-27T18:30:18+00:00

As a standard, we do laminate all ACM panel prints with a matte or gloss finish. We always recommend having the panels laminated, in particular for outdoor applications. However, we can also do cost-effective printing of them with no lamination. This might work just fine depending on the internal application involved, for shorter term.

How are You Signage Prices Considerably More Affordable?2022-01-27T19:42:55+00:00

We offer very affordable signs, not just in Sydney or Brisbane but throughout Australia. How? We mass produce ACM panels which gives us an edge over other suppliers. Due to the fact that we produce multiple panels, not just a few like many smaller companies, we have economies of scale. This allows us to negotiate better pricing with our suppliers, and pass the cost savings to our customers. Doing direct printing to the majority of ACM panels also gives us the ability to produce fast, with instant curing of the ink, ready to go straight to the lamination process. Following these processes allows us to provide great quality prints at lower costs than most competitors.


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Great work, consistently delivering on time, on budget our projects across Australia and NZ in multiple sites, inclusive of regional centres.

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Platinum handles all our signage requirements across our stores in Australia, from window decals, outdoor billboards and fleet branding.

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Platinum Signs has been providing signage to our fleet across the country for years. We can rely upon their expertise when it comes to advise as well as trusting their crafted installers that always live up to our expectations.

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