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Boat Wraps vs. Painting: Benefits

Boat wraps can be better than painting. Why? Boat wrap is easier to care for than paint. You won’t need to polish or buff. It’s easy to care for. It can be done with soapy water . In addition to that, if the vinyl wrap gets dented or scratched, a patch up vinyl application can be done. Repair depends on how old the boat wrap is.

Cost effective – First and foremost, boat wrapping is cheaper than painting. It’s very simple and looks as good, or better, than paint.

Protection – When you decide to wrap your boat, you are not just making it look fresher, nicer, unique, you are also protecting it against the UV rays as well as fresh and salt water. Boat wrap also protects against minor scratches, such as those that may be caused by driftwood or rubbing against the dock. Protecting your boat saves you money!

Turnaround – Boat wrap is faster turnaround than spray painting. The wrapping of a boat usually is done in a matter of a few days only.

Reversible – It is safe to say that boat wraps are fully reversible with no peeling of the paint underneath (so long as paint to be wrapped is sound). The process can take a while. It really depends on how much exposure the boat had, in case it has been on the boat for many years, 5+, it will get harder to remove, but it is certainly doable. Boat wrapping is nearly always a better option than painting, which is irreversible. You may just change your mind as well and decide to go for a new look. Or, perhaps you want your boat wrapped for a particular event that needs to be replaced on a regular basis with new artwork.

Greater range of colours – Boat wraps have more colours and variety than painting. Images, logos, and even photos can be “wrapped” on your boat vs. painting, which can be pretty plain. We also do wrapping of dash boards with carbon fiber finish which is always popular.

Boat graphic design

Boat wraps are easy, fun, and fast ways to draw attention to your boat. Draw attention in the harbour with creative and eye-popping, modern or classic boat wrap design solutions. There are plenty of options to choose from. We offer an in-house design service, or we can work with your designer, should you opt for that option. It may be that you have found a cool idea on the Internet, or perhaps from another boat you have seen. We can take that concept and translate it into a best-in-class boat wrap. But keep in mind that we will need high resolution graphic(s) involved; otherwise it would have to be recreated.

Here’s another scenario. Are you considering the idea of buying a second-hand or used boat, but you don’t like the colour? Boat wrap can turn an “old” boat into a new-looking boat – presto, fast.

Or would you like to smarten up your boat look before you sell it? Vinyl wrap is surely a cost-effective way to cover your boat. Boat wrap, in most cases, can be completed in a matter of days. Wrapping is a great solution in particular if you have a tight schedule and want to optimise your budget.

Nowadays, there is an enormous variety of colours and finishes to choose from. We can certainly create the look you envision. Go classic with a “Boat Blue” or make your boat stand out with a chrome or copper finish looking film. Boat wrap if fast, fun, and flexible. We are the top Sydney boat wrapping service, and with offices in Melbourne and Canberra, we can wrap a boat (or car, or truck, or van…) whereever it is in Australia. Fleet wrapping? That’s our specialty.
Boat Wrap

Boat Wrap Services Available

Yacht Wrap

Based in Leichhardt, we are very close to the Sydney’s Sydney Marine. We have an ample space for boat wrap in house in our facility. Even better, we can send our installers out to your boat in the marina, and we can create a best-in-class boat wrap for your marine vessel.

Boat name and graphics
Every boat owner is proud of their vessel and having the boat name on it is something very special. We can help you achieving the look and font you are after with basic lettering print as well as special finishes such as metallic film.

Boat sponsor logos
Options for short and long term application, we can provide chartered cruises with all types of branding options. You can be seen and seal deals with a presentable and smart boat logo application.

Vinyl striping
Change the way your boat look with smart vinyl stripes applied to the sides and back of the boat. It can completely change the way a boat looks like.

Private boat wrap
For recreational boat as well as luxury boat wraps below or above waterline, we can also wrap the interiors, window tint and provide aftercare. A huge range of colours are vailable from the main suppliers in the industry such as 3m and Avery. Apart from solid colours, we can provide custom printed wraps which are all done in house with your state of art printing machines and offer texture and special effect vinyl wrap.

Commercial boat wrap
Survey vessels, passenger transport boats, commercial hire boats, authority boat wrap, commercial fishing wrap. We can provide all types of boat wrap solutions, from solid colour wrap to vinyl lettering, stencil application, brand activation campaigns and long-term branding solutions.

Architectural Films & Internal Wrapping
While we specialise in exterior boat signage, we also work on internal applications of vinyl and architectural films such as 3m Di-noc. It is incredible to see the transformation that can be achieved with a high end finish with finishes such as marble, metallic, leather, wood film. If you’re looking for a boat wrap solution in Sydney, reach out for a full bow to stern consultation.

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