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Laser Cutting Services

Using reliable laser cutting technology, we have helped countless businesses on projects demanding cutting on various materials for numerous applications.


Laser Cutting Services

Using reliable laser cutting technology, we have helped countless businesses on projects demanding cutting on various materials for numerous applications.


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Laser Cutting

Platinum Signs has the right equipment to deliver our clients with the exceptional standards they expect, this includes making use of the latest in CO2 laser technology. Our laser machines are capable of extreme accuracy and this is perfect for delivering complex patterns and tight angles including square corners (which is superior to CNC cutting that has rounded corners). It is ideal for cutting parts that need to fit together at a later date.

Our large laser cutting table (1600mm x 1100mm) is perfect for performing accurate cutting, marking, and engraving. Depending on the specific material being cut, the laser will melt, vaporise, or burn away any unwanted material, and this leaves you with a final product that is finished to a very high standard.


There are many industries that can make use of laser cutting, and your needs will depend solely on what your specific requirements are and where it will be used. The most common materials we use with the laser cutter is acrylic and some varieties of wood. In addition to cutting, you can also engrave or mark the surface of your chosen material, and this can be an excellent way to make signs, or print your logo on objects. The laser cutter is an extremely fast and economical way to get what you need! Examples of where you might use laser cutting and engraving include:

  • Signage
  • Display Systems
  • Promotional Items
  • Wood Makers
  • Stencils
  • Education
  • Architectural Modeling
  • Packaging Design
  • Custom laser cut

Laser Cutting Prices

All our prices are set on a per job basis. Our clients all have different needs, and the specifics or complexities of each project may make it more costly for us to produce. This can include the material being used, time to set-up, finishing processes, and timeframes. To make sure your project comes in on budget it is recommended that you do the following:

  •   Make sure the files are set up in the correct manner
  •   Any design that has small parts to include connecting tabs; this is to make sure they stay in place during the cutting process
  •   Be careful with overly large areas of engraving, for clarification on this you can call our team for an explanation
  •   Provide our team with enough time to get the job done properly (5 business days); we can complete it faster but this will increase the overall costs
  • Have a specific idea for what you need produced, even if it is a simple sketch or rough outline
  • You can pick up from our conveniently located workshop in Leichardt to save on shipping costs of we can send out to anywhere in Sydney and even interstate. 

We can provide work for many different businesses, this includes for large scale manufacturing, prototype projects, and other small creative items. Generally, our rate is $95/Hr (charged hourly), however discounts can be applied with increased quantities. All jobs need at least a half-hour to properly perform the set-up tasks before cutting. 

To receive a laser cutting quote from Platinum Signs, you can send us a CAD drawing of your design, some information about the project including what material you’d like to use (including its thickness), and how many parts you require.

Advantages of Laser Cutting

  • Offer the widest range of suitable materials (including woods, plastics, glass, ceramic, metals, foams, and others)
  • Can create very fine details, with lettering at 1mm while still having high legibility
  • Can work with some delicate materials such as fabric and paper without the need to clamp it down, saving on time and costs
  • Can engrave text, images, and graphics onto a large variety of materials – usually anything that will fit on the bed
  • Quick turnaround for most projects, and short set-up times to which helps to reduce overall costs
  • Lowest costs of any manufacturing processes for one-off projects and smaller jobs
  • Individual parts can be varied and this does not affect your costs; this makes individual customisation a reality
  • Ability to create stencil masking layers which means you can craft accurate painted graphics and decals on objects.
  • Extremely easy to design for, basic illustration skills are all that is required (by hand or digitally)


What are the limitations of the laser cutting?2022-02-14T04:38:40+00:00

  • It is best suited for materials that are flat and no more than 20mm thick, however it is possible to engrave thicker material
  • The area to be cut or engraved should be flat.
  • Glass, stone, and ceramics can not be cut using the laser, but they can be engraved and the effect looks amazing
  • PVC cannot be cut or engraved as it releases noxious and corrosive gasses which are harmful to staff and equipment
  • There may be some scarring or discolouration on the edges of some materials, however this can usually be avoided on the face of the material
What materials can be used for laser cutting?2022-02-14T04:40:53+00:00

Plastic Laser Cutting

Plastics suitable for laser are amongst the easiest materials for the laser cutter. These can be cut to form intricate patterns and highly accurate representations. The laser is much faster than many other methods of cutting including using a router. You’ll get a higher amount of flexibility and speed with a laser cutter that you do not get with other methods, all of this can save on your overall costs.


At Platinum Signs we can cut a range of different plastic materials up to an overall thickness of 20mm, this includes:


  • Polycarbonate
  • Plexiglass
  • Polyethylene
  • ABS
  • PETG

Acrylic, or Perspex, is one of the most widely used materials and available for many different applications. We have a huge variety of acrylics in stock (of varying thickness), and we can cut any of these to your desired size.

Timber Laser Cutting

All sorts of different timber can be cut with the laser cutter, provided it is not greater than 20mm thick. The types of timber that can be used include:


  • Solid timber
  • Hardwood
  • Plyboard
  • MDF
  • Die Board
  • Timber Veneers
  • Balsa
  • Cork


All timber cut with the laser printer will be left with a darkened edge, and this often helps to make the piece aesthetically pleasing as it provides a contrasting outline. The laser is also capable of engraving feature panels, wood inlays, toys, craftwork, souvenirs, decorative items, and architectural models.

Miscellaneous Laser Cutting

There are many other items that can be cut on the laser cutter, some of these include:


  • Leather
  • Paper and Cardboard
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Strawboard
  • Coreflute
  • Fabrics – cotton, silk, linen, felt


The laser cutter is perfect for creating patterns, models, graphic design work, and many more. It is ideal for crafting corporate keepsakes and branding that can give your business a personal touch.

How is laser cut used in the signage industry?2022-02-14T04:42:24+00:00

One of the most common uses for laser cutting in the signage industry is vector cutting (this can be completed with 0.01mm accuracy). Working with our laser machine and the CNC router together means that you can expect a huge variety of potential cutting that suits most signage and display projects. The lasers have the ability to transform acrylic sheets, wooden products, or cardboard into a final product that can add value to wherever it is installed.


For the signage industry you have many options when it comes to making use of laser cutting technology, some examples include:


  • Illuminated logos and letters, cut or engraved into acrylic for advertising
  • Contour cuts to make your illuminated letters stand out
  • Acrylic panels marked, or engraved, for use in large format LED lit surfaces
  • Banners and flags cut to a determined size
  • Displays cut or engraved into a variety of shapes
  • Polished finishes achieved through the laser cutter (which is superior to that achieved on a CNC cutter)

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