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Building signage made to last.

Our sign design team works extensively with building signs. Why? Obviously, businesses need signs that stand out. Business signage is a vital part of any business that wants to attract the attention of customers. It seems rather obvious, but many businesses across Australia – from Sydney to Melbourne to Canberra – miss this point. Smart businesses invest in best-in-class business signage to capture customer attention and to present meaningful and impactful communication!

As a top-rated signage company, we look at signs. We really look at signs. We know signs and signage. Thus, we see that the signs on a building play a crucial role in how business destinations are “branded.” A business brand as effectuated in signage gives a business a recognisable identity. Successful business signage helps venues to compete for employees, residents, tenants and customers by making a positive brand statement. Business is tough these days not just in Sydney but in Melbourne, Canberra, and across Australia. Building signage that stands out may make the difference.

Business signage, however, is more than just the sign on the street. Yes, those flagship signs are important to your business. But there is more to it than that. There is the interior signage as well; for example, wayfinding signage gives clarity and context to visitors. In a hospital or clinic environment, business signage helps to guide visitors to designated wards or emergency rooms as quickly as possible. In a mixed-use or mixed-occupancy building, building interior signage helps visitors to find exactly what they want. Throughout the key goal of business signage remains to convey a positive brand experience.

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The Platinum Difference.

Important considerations

The signage of a building should be harmonious with its architecture. Building signage should not overwhelm the building. It should work along with heritage features, if these are involved. In such cases, that often means limiting the number of signs used.

There should always be a sensible, strategic approach to designing your signage. That often involves a considerable number of stakeholders. and the local council should always be consulted as well as the landlord of the building, in case you as the business are a renter and not the building owner. Our team of experts knows how building signage works and can help you make a plan for your signage not just in one location but across many.

Why choose Platinum Signs for your building signage?

  • Bespoke building signs specialists
  • Work with experienced signwriters
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Fast turnaround
  • Experts on corporate, retail and outdoor environments
  • Australian privacy and safety regulations compliance
  • Flexibility with installation times
  • Available for one-off projects as well as nationwide
  • Guarantee of quality products supplied and expert installation

Maximum visibility

Building signage may be your best form of business advertising. How so? Well, compared with other types of advertising, building signage means that you get exposure 24/7. That gives recognition to your brand and strengths it within the local community. Our dedicated and qualified signwriter team will assist you with every step of the process to create building signage that reall works: from onsite measurements, concept and design, to manufacturing and installation of your building signs. If you’re in the market for building signage in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra or throughout Australia, our sign company can help. Contact us today for a free building sign consultation.



What is the step-by-step Process to Securing Building Signs?2022-01-27T21:47:46+00:00
  1. Initial meeting in person at our premises to discuss the project or email with specifications followed by:
  2. Onsite measurements and documentation
  3. Concept and design – You can also engage a design company to work with and we will work along with them to design best-in-class building signage.
  4. Manufacturing, printing and finishing within our shop.
  5. A qualified team of installers to carry out the installation of your building signage in Sydney, Melbourne or any other capital city in Australia.
Do you Organise Council Permits?2022-01-27T21:46:51+00:00

You should check with your local council first for any permits required as well as check with strata or any other governing body requirements in order to install your building signs. Once we are engaged to carry out your signage project, we will assist with the completion of any forms required from our end.

Can you Assist with High Reach Equipment Hire for Building Signs?2022-01-27T21:46:04+00:00

Yes, we can recommend the right equipment based on years of experience in the sign industry, and point out to the best suppliers. Please note, on busy roads, often the use of traffic controllers is a must and that should be factored in the costs for your signs and signage installation. Fortunately, as a top-rated sign company in Sydney, we have years of expertise with signage and understand the do’s and don’ts when it comes to building signage.

How Much Does Building Signage Cost?2022-01-27T21:44:12+00:00

The cost of building signage can vary greatly, depending on the sizes involved; if you are after short-term vs. long-term materials, the complexity of the signs involved, being simple ACM panels, vinyl printing or outdoor large banners with a custom build frame or 3d illuminated signs…. give us a call to discuss or fill out the quick quote form so we can get back in touch. There are many options when it comes to building signage, and our sign team can help you with best-in-class options at affordable sign prices.


Great work, consistently delivering on time, on budget our projects across Australia and NZ in multiple sites, inclusive of regional centres.

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Platinum handles all our signage requirements across our stores in Australia, from window decals, outdoor billboards and fleet branding.

Olivia Longson, Marketing Manager / Lounge Lovers

Platinum Signs has been providing signage to our fleet across the country for years. We can rely upon their expertise when it comes to advise as well as trusting their crafted installers that always live up to our expectations.

Caio Bueno, Head of Operations / Two Men and a Truck

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