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Truck Wrapping

Transform your truck into a moving advertising billboard! Trucks are a common site not just in major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, and Canberra but throughout Australia. A “truck wrap” means that you can have your brand and your branded advertising message become a “moving billboard.” Truck wrapping is one of the highest demand services we provide; we’re even specialized in “fleet wrapping,” meaning we can wrap entire vehicles for a national company. At Platinum Signs we are fully committed to achieving high quality results and customer satisfaction, making sure your truck wrap is impactful and an becomes an ambassador of your brand on the road. Contact us today for a free “truck wrap” consultation.

Here’s our process for truck wraps:

1 – The detailing of the truck and measurements

2 – Quotation

3 – Design

4 – Printing & Installation

5 – Truck(s) ready for collection

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Advantages of truck wraps

Advertising is expensive. Whether it’s online ads, ads in trade journals, direct post, or even television. Every business is hungry to get the word out, but needs to be efficient. Here are the advantages for truck wraps:

  • 24/7 free advertising on the road
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance
  • Protects the paint underneath
  • Totally customisable
  • Set yourself apart from your competition
  • Cheaper than painting
  • Down time is minimised vs. painting
  • Pay the investment on the road generating new leads
  • Branding awareness
  • Suitable for all sizes of trucks, from small tippers, flat bed trucks & pantech to semi trailers

Why Platinum Signs for your wrap project?

We are conveniently located in Leichardt NSW, only 15 min away from Sydney CBD, we are recognised in the industry as a leading fleet and truck branding company, we use the latest technology for printing. We wrap trucks using world-leading vinyl brands such as 3m, Avery and Orafol with expert signwriters dedicated to delivering great results to our clients. Our portfolio of vehicle wraps speaks for itself; since we began the business, we have wrapped hundreds of vehicles with accuracy and passion for the work we do.

Truck Wraps in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane

Australia is a big country, as we are sure you know. But there are trucks and lorries across it, from the cities like Sydney or Melbourne to the countryside. All are branding and advertising opportunities for your business.

We have extensively engaged with various organisations bringing to life their ideas of truck branding. We often collaborate with design studios as well, achieving stunning truck wraps, being clever small messages or fully wrapped vehicles.

Truck wrap is one of the best forms of advertising.  You pay for the investment as you go, you generate instant brand awareness. There are multiple studies that indicate the benefits of having a truck wrapped, generating 100’s to to 1000’s of views for each travelled kilometre.

It is an effective tool of advertising, great for testing market as well as consolidating your brand in your industry.

The cost of vehicle wrap is substantially lower than a tv campaign or a print ad, reaching a much broader audience, ongoing promotion, so long as you keep the wrapping on the vehicle.

The cost naturally will depend on the size of the truck involved, what area is being wrapped. Simple lettering is the cheapest option often, yet partial wrapping can be a clever, cost-effective way to advertise. Full truck wrapping gives the ultimate eye-catching look. Factors such using chrome or metallic finish vinyl will impact on the price vs digital printed material. Each vehicle wrapping project is unique, so please call for a free quote on your truck wrapping project!


What is Lettering, Partial and Full Truck Wrap?2022-01-27T21:42:38+00:00

Lettering – Basic signage, usually logo and information added to the sides of truck and cabin.

Partial wrap – Cost effective, creative wraps can cover only partially the truck, making use of the original colour in a harmonic way.

Full wrapping – The most popular as well as the most effective way to bring new leads to your business with the truck on the road. It can completely transform the vehicle, that is transforming it from a plain truck into an outdoor advertising tool.

How Long do Truck Wraps Take to Print and Install?2022-01-27T21:40:05+00:00

The entire process of measurement of the vehicle > artwork approval > printing > lamination > installation can take anywhere from 5 to 10 days. The truck wrapping installation itself which involves the time it takes us to wrap the truck will take anywhere from 1/2 day to 2-3 days, depending on the size of the vehicle and factors such as wrapping the Pantech only or the cabin as well.

How Long Does Truck Wrap Last?2022-01-27T21:38:57+00:00

Truck wrapping can last a long time; it depends, of course, on materials, use, and quality. It also depends on the quality of the material, chosen as well as the skillfulness of the truck wrapping installers. Adequate vehicle wrapping, cast vinyl combined with matte or gloss lamination, should last anywhere from 4-6 years or longer, depending on a number of factors such as the truck being fully exposed to the sun or being kept in a depot when not in use. We use the best vinyl available in the Australian market, with world known brands like 3m, Avery Denison and Orafol.

Is Lamination Required?2022-01-27T21:35:42+00:00

As a standard rule, all trucks we wrap are laminated, unless the purpose of the wrap is for a short term application, such as a short promotion for a dealer shop or a brand activation campaign. The lamination of the vinyl will assist the longevity of the truck wrapping. It comes with matte or gloss finish as the most popular ones, but we also have satin as an alternative. It is certainly worth investing in laminating the film as it adds an extra layer of protection against the UV rays and minor scratches, not adding a lot in the overall cost.

How can You Remove a Vinyl Wrap from Your Vehicle?2022-01-27T21:34:06+00:00

Some types of vinyl can come off really easy, while others can last a long time. There are several factors to be considered:

  • Quality of the vinyl used.
  • How long the vinyl has been applied for – The longer, the harder to remove
  • Cut out vinyl is harder to remove than printed panels.
  • Horizontal application such as bonnets and roof will usually take substantially longer than vertical surface such as the sides of the vehicle.


Do You Have any Film which is Graffiti Proof?2022-01-27T21:29:59+00:00

Yes, we offer graffiti-proof lamination, which is a film mounted over the printed graphics with large lamination machines. That reduces substantially the chances of the sprayed / painted vandalism to stick on as long as you take action is taken quickly to remove it.

Can Truck Wrap Damage the Underlying Paint of the Vehicle?2022-01-27T21:29:02+00:00

It should not. In fact, it should enhance the protection of the paint against UV rays. So long as the paint in the cabin or Pantech, the area that will be vinyl wrapped has original painting. However, we cannot 100% guarantee the duration and quality of paint, as everything ages even if ‘protected’ by trap wrap. As it is not possible to distinguish with accuracy if the paint that is on when the vehicle is brought to us is original or not. We can guarantee that all vinyl we apply is of the highest standard in the industry, and should not peel the paint if the paint is original.

Should I have the truck cleaned prior the vinyl wrap installation?2021-09-04T12:24:32+00:00

Absolutely, we can do that for you, but that will delay the installation process as well as incur costs of our installers doing the cleaning service first prior wrapping the truck. It is fundamental that the truck is in pristine conditions to be ready for the signage application as that is a determining factor for a successful truck wrapping. In case we need to clean prior the application, that will delay the wrapping as we will need the vehicle in house for an extra day until it dries completely, there are costs associated to that, so best to avoid it bringing it in clean conditions.

Can You Assist with the Design of Truck Wrap?2022-01-27T21:26:37+00:00

Truck wrapping is really cool. We’re known as one of the best truck wrap shops not just in Sydney but in Melbourne, Brisbane, etc. We do fleet wraps for all of Australia for branding purposes. As for helping with the design of truck wrap, of course we can help. We have in-house design team that can create amazing designs. For truck wrap design services, we always ask for clients to make an appointment for a meeting to discuss the project, ideally also bringing the vehicle to be wrapped in. Alternatively, send us an email with the project spec’s as complete as possible, stating the vehicle make and model, design ideas, reference of work related to it, graphics to be sent in high resolution and a complete description of what you are trying to achieve.

How Much Does it Cost to Wrap a Truck Pantech?2022-01-27T19:58:18+00:00

There are a number of things to consider when wrapping the Pantech of a truck:

  1. Does it have smooth metal panels or is it corrugated? Corrugated panels are more challenging and can take considerable longer. The straight panels are much simpler to wrap.
  2. The size is obviously a big factor, as a general rule a small Pantech with 4m x 2m both sides and rear doors will cost around $3000 plus GST. A large 7m long Pantech would cost around $5000 plus GST.
  3. Does it have a nose cone to be wrapped? That can be a very challenging part to wrap and will also add considerable on costs. A common alternative to that is to use just cut out lettering with basic information instead. 
What is the Cost to Apply Cut Out Vinyl Instead of Full Wrap on a Pantech?2022-01-27T19:56:08+00:00

The cost of any type of sign depends on the complexity and materials. It will depend on the area involved and how intricate it is. The more elements that are involved, the more challenging it can be. We have a top-rated in-house sign design team, and they are able to assist achieve the best results with client’s budget in mind. 

What is the Cost to Wrap a Truck Cabin?2022-01-27T19:54:36+00:00

The cost of a truck wrap (including wrapping a truck cabin) will vary depending on the model and the exact parts are required to be wrapped. It is important to consider the desire to wrap the back of the cabin or not, as a common practice is to wrap ends in the corners to avoid excessive costs. Some clients want to wrap the roof and frontal bumper.  This all depends on the budget and/ or design involved and style of the cabin involved. In summary the cost of truck wrapping varies on a case-by-case basis.

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