Fleet Wrapping Can Have a Major Effect on Brand Promotion

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Many chain businesses in Australia want a single “look and feel” to their brand image across their vehicles. The solution is “fleet wrapping.” Our vehicle wrapping technology is best-in-class and can tell whatever story you want it to. Whether it’s truck wrapping, car wrapping, vehicle wrapping or indeed entire “fleet wrapping” we can make your signage as mobile as it comes: on each and every commercial vehicle. A fleet wrap provides you with free advertising; fleet wrapping.

We can wrap any size of vehicle from a small car to a huge truck using the very latest technology to fix large vinyl sheets to vehicles as decals. Once you have paid for the fleet wrapping you then have what is, to all intents and purposes, totally free advertising for the life of the wrap. If your business is like many others, you will probably only keep vehicles for two or three years before trading them in for the latest model, so you have that amount of free advertising.

But, of course, there is another big advantage to fleet wrapping and that is that you can change it whenever you wish. So, if you upgrade your logo or run a new series of ads on TV and you want to have your vehicles complement that, you can simply remove the old wrap and install the new one.

Since you can use wrapping on a single vehicle, you can use it to promote any message that you wish on your own car, for instance. You may not have a business, but just want to promote a joke, and you could do that if you wished. Being really dramatic, if you want to propose to your girlfriend, you could have “Will you marry me?” on a wrap on your SUV or whatever. That would go down a storm, and you would almost certainly get a “yes”. How could she turn you down?!

Cheaper And Easier Than Painting

Vinyl vehicle wraps can withstand the heat in summer and the pouring rain as well. They are also a lot cheaper and easier to apply than painting the vehicle. Neither do they do any harm to the vehicle. The adhesives that we use at Platinum Signs are easily removable and do no damage to the paintwork. Quite the opposite, in fact. We have many customers who buy a new car and have us immediately wrap it for them because when the time comes to sell it, they can just take off the wrap and the paintwork underneath is in showroom condition. So, the resale value is at a maximum.

Our vinyl vehicle wraps (cars, trucks, and other types of commercial vehicles) will typically last for up to 5 years, and you can also use them to have graphics printed on the rear window of your vehicle. We use perforated vinyl for this and from inside the vehicle you will have a clear view, while from outside, people will see a sharp message or design. You are not allowed to add graphics to the windscreen or side windows.

The other thing that you cannot do is affix wraps to chrome bumpers or fiberglass, nor to hubcaps, wheels, and rims, because the adherence is not good. Other than that, the world is your oyster!

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