If You Run a Restaurant in Sydney, You Need a Great Sign to Promote It

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The restaurant business in Sydney is VERY competitive. You need great food. You need a great ambience. You need something “trendy” – AND you need fantastic, appealing signage.You need a great sign when you run a restaurant in Sydney, Australia.

A great steakhouse like ChopHouse Sydney comes to mind. Yum! (Check out this list of the best steakhouse restaurants in Sydney). You may be a highly skilled chef, and you may create delicious mouth-watering recipes. You may have beautiful tables and chairs. You may have discreet lighting so that a couple can sit down and feel relaxed and comfortable, without a bunch of rowdy hooligans at the next table. But the man walking down the street, or driving by in his car, doesn’t know that.

All he sees is your sign. This is especially true if, like many restaurants in Sydney, you have net curtains over the windows so that people cannot peer in at diners as they are walking past. Certainly, that gives your customers the privacy that they want, but equally it means that the only thing anyone else sees is your signage. So that signage has to persuade people to come into your restaurant and see for themselves how great you are.

Custom Sign Design for Sydney Restaurants

This is why you need the sort of custom sign design for Sydney retail establishments including restaurants, that we produce at Platinum Signs.

Just to begin with is the name of your business. You need a name that not only tells people what it is that you do, but at the same time persuades them that they should come into your restaurant for a meal. After that, the rest is up to you. The food, the wine, the décor, the ambience, the service – that is down to you, so that your new customer is delighted with what he or she finds you do, and will then come back again and again.

Repeat business is so much more cost-effective than advertising, but in order to get it, you have to get that customer in for the first time, and that is all down to your signage – unless your customer has had a word-of-mouth recommendation, perhaps. But even if he has, unless your sign is great, he may arrive outside, look at your sign, and then decide not to come in after all. Sydney residents are often outside, walking, and that best-in-class business signage will beckon them in!

Our custom sign design for Sydney restaurants will bring people through the door. We sit down and brainstorm ideas for the name that you could call your restaurant – unless you have already decided – and then come up with creative ideas for how to produce the sign – colours, font, size, background, perhaps something such as a picture of a lobster at one end if you serve lobsters, and so on. That’s what we mean by custom sign design for Sydney restaurants.

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