Neon Signs Are Great for Attracting Attention, and Now Use LED Technology

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If you want to make your message really stand out, then consider using neon signs. Today, at Platinum Signs, we produce neon signs in conjunction with LED technology for a number of reasons.neon signage

First, they are actually cheaper to produce than old-fashioned neon signs and they use a lot less electricity, which is a big benefit. They are also very safe because they use a low voltage. On top of that, they last a lot longer and don’t require ongoing maintenance.

We have a huge choice of different colors available with our LED signage, so you can have whatever color it is that fits your purpose best. Neon LED signage grabs the attention of your customers, and also people who are not customers, which is even more important. There are only two ways that a business can expand. One of those is to sell more and more to existing customers, which is actually the best way to grow. However, for one of many different reasons, you may lose those customers. For example, they could simply move to another area.

You Have To Attract New Customers in Sydney!

So, the fact is that you always, always, need to be attracting new customers, and stunning signage is the best way to do the job. For example, you may be a butcher (we’re partial to Sutcliffe Meats), and have been running your shop for ten years or more. You invest in a brand-new neon LED signage for your Sydney business, and suddenly people who have lived in the town for years say “Oh, look. There’s a new butcher’s shop. Fancy that. Let’s take a look”.

You are not a new business. You have been there for years. But many of those people have never noticed you before. Or, they may have noticed you but not really registered in their minds what your business is. A brilliant neon LED sign grabs their attention. Equally, if you are opening a new shop, the same thing applies.

Neon signs are also being used more and more throughout Australia as an item of pop art in the home, and in bars, sports clubs, restaurants, and a whole lot of other places as well.

We provide an in-house sign design service for your neon signage, but if you have already produced your own design, you can just email it to us as graphic artwork or a vector file and we’ll go ahead and produce it for you. There are a couple of things that you need to consider: if you want to turn the light off, you need to think how it will look. Of course, if it is going to stay on all the time, that doesn’t matter.

As a foremost LED neon sign manufacturer, we can offer you a huge range of different colors: just check the chart. Then you can place your order and we will get to work.

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