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One-way Vision Signs Showcase Gallery

Industries that use one way vision:

- Retail – it is the go to for campaigns where full image is needed without compromising the visibility from the inside out and still clients can look through the windows from the outside standing close by.-
- Offices – ideal to have your branding, attracting new prospect clients without having to compromise loosing the view from the inside out.
- Rear and side window one way vision vehicle graphics – Rather you have a car that you would like your logo and business details to be exposed or you have a transport bus requiring full graphics to be your mobile outdoor without compromising on your passengers view, one way vison film is the way to go.

Benefits of perforated film

Perfect for under-utilised media space due to the unique perforated technology that allows vision without blocking the view.
Allow for prime outdoor ad placement
It allows for more creative possibility vs the blocked out vinyl window film.
Privacy without compromising the vision from the inside out
Unobstructed a very clear view from the inside out
Helps to avoid display stock from fading
Cost reduction is achieved as less heat is transmitted through the windows, helping to cool the area.
Similar to a tinted window, it reduces glaring from the sun
Innovative use of under-utilised media space without blocking the view.
One-way Vision Signs

Important aspects of One Way Window Film

- One Way Vision Films are made with Digital Printing in full colour

- One way vision material is a perforated vinyl film, it has tiny perforated holes, which can vary in size too, allowing for less or more visibility. If you come close by, you will be able to see through.

- Externally applied to windows – Most popular

- Applied from the inside out available too – Great product as well, the price of the material itself is higher, but it is commonly used in areas where it is difficult to reach the glass panels from the outside.

- Printed on panels up to 1300mm wide, when a project involves a large print, multiple panels can be applied overlapping each other.

- Ultra clear lamination is advisable for One Way Vision Films, especially in high traffic areas to provide additional protection from UV exposure, abrasion and other wear and tear.

One Way Vision Window Film can definitely provide better privacy, both day and night. Having such window coverings can even reduce the amount of solar heat gain, glare and UV radiation within your office! Find out more about how One Way Window Film can value add to your business’ marketing efforts and give you the above-mentioned benefits and more!

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