Platinum Signs, Sydney’s Best-in-class Commercial Signage Company, Announces New Content for 3D and Neon Signs

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Sydney, NSW Australia – July 27, 2022. Platinum Signs, a best-in-class signage and sign company serving Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, is proud to announce new content for neon and 3d signage. New technology makes new eye-popping signs both possible and affordable.Commercial Sign Company, Sydney and Melbourne

“New technology makes today’s 3d and neon signs real scene-stealers. Bright colors and sustainable technology can create buzz about a business,” explains Alexandre Andrighetti, Customer Service Manager at the company. “The new content provides details for Sydney businesses about how today’s signage can point more customers to their door.”

The new content for neon and 3d signage is ready to review at and New technology signs can raise the profile of a business or restaurant and increase brand awareness. Stand-out neon signage can be affordable and quick to create. Sustainable, quality materials and LED technology can result in long-lasting, colorful signage. Stand-out 3D lettering can be displayed for interior or exterior use to give an eye-popping quality to signage. The sign company supports sign design and color-matching to meet the requirements of various event or business color schemes. Individuals can contact the sign company for a no-obligation consultation about a custom-made neon and/or 3d sign for a business.


Here is the background on this release. A well-done neon or 3d sign could be the jumping point for a successful business. Australian customers could get excited just by visualizing the business before even entering. Bright colors and fun graphics may do well for launching a new brand, new merchandise, or new services. Finding support to create a buzz-worthy sign may be the goal for a business owner. New technology in signage can help create eye-catching signs for any event or business need. Businesses interested in 3d or neon signage in Sydney should contact the company for a free evaluation.


Platinum Signs is a best-in-class sign company based in Sydney with offices in Melbourne and other locations in Australia. We specialize in signage for businesses, nonprofits, schools and government entities who want the best signs at affordable prices. The signage company provides various services including; custom-made business signs, vehicle wrap (car wrap or truck wrap or other types of fleet or vehicle wrapping), and lightbox signs (3D or LED signage). Both acrylic signs and perplex signs are available in an assortment of colors and styles. Other services include CNC Router Cutting, custom signage, laser cutting, and signage for offices. We service all of Australia, from Sydney and Melbourne to companies with branding and fleet needs across the country. Contact us today for a free consultation on your sign needs.

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