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Vinyl Wrap

At Platinum Signs, we can design, print, and apply vinyl graphics to your vehicle. Vinyl vehicle signage is a popular method for advertising any business. Our team of specialists can print and apply vinyl signage, so it looks great and helps to protect your vehicle.

What is a vinyl wrap?

Vinyl wrap is an excellent alternative to painting a vehicle. In the past, if you wanted to add graphics or signage to your vehicle, it would be painted on or printed onto hard to remove stickers. A vinyl wrap is the better alternative, as it isn’t as permanent as paint, and it won’t ruin your paintwork like stickers. The modern way to do this is often also called “vehicle wraps” or “car wraps,” but it uses vinyl technology regardless of what it is called.

You can get vinyl wrap for your car, truck, or other vehicle in almost any colour, including transparent, or it can be printed with your business signage. Vinyl wraps will last for up to 7 years before reapplying. If you need to upgrade your vehicle, the wrap can be removed. and it is excellent to protect your investment.

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Why choose us for your vinyl wrap?

At Platinum Signs, we only use the highest quality vehicle vinyl wrap, predominately the brands 3M, Avery and Orafol. These wraps are available in a wide variety of colours, or they can be printed with a design of your choice. You can have a complete body wrap covering 100% of the vehicle or choose to cover only a portion of the body. Vinyl wrap is applied with precision, and our team can work with one vehicle or a complete fleet. We are known as the top vehicle wraps not just in Sydney but throughout Australia, in key cities such as Melbourne, Canberra, or Brisbane.

We are a company conveniently located in Leichhardt, 10 min from Sydney CBD, our prints are all done in house, and Sydney installs are done within our spacious and well equipped warehouse but we also do work in all major cities in Australia, with multiple projects in Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Adelaide using top perform local installers that work in partnership with Platinum Signs, making sure we maintain the consistency required for vehicle wrap. Many brands have turned to us for vinyl wrap, whether for cars or trucks, or – indeed – entire fleet wraps.


How are vinyl wraps applied?

Platinum Signs has a unique method for applying vinyl signage to vehicles. We’ve found that by following this guide, we can deliver a high-quality product and leave you with a vehicle that looks fantastic. Our quality control team inspects the vehicle at all stages and before the install team progresses to the next stage.

Washing stage

The first stage is where the vehicle needs to go through a multi-stage washing process. The car’s body must be immaculate for the vinyl to adhere correctly and provide you with the longest life possible. After washing, we treat the vehicle with a chemical solution to help the vinyl stretch into position.

Prepping Stage

After washing, the vehicle can be inspected and any imperfections marked. It is possible to place vinyl over minor imperfections, but special care must be taken to adhere to the vinyl and avoid any bubbling. We’ll remove any parts that may cause a problem for the vinyl at this stage. These parts will be reinstalled after the vinyl is in place. Our technicians take great care to avoid any damage to these components.

Vinyl Application

With the vehicle all cleaned and prepped, it is finally ready for the vinyl. Working in pairs (or three on larger vehicles), our team will apply the vinyl. Working in a quality controlled environment, the vinyl is carefully manipulated into position. After this stage, the vinyl wrap is finalised, and the vehicle is ready for delivery.

Contact our wrap team

If you need a vinyl wrap that doesn’t skimp on quality, Platinum Signs is the best choice. You can call our team for a discussion on your vehicle signage. At Platinum Signs, we’ll print and wrap your vehicles and have them on the road advertising your business as fast as possible. Call our team today!


How Long does Car Wrapping Take?2022-01-27T18:04:18+00:00

The length of your car wrapping job will depend on how complex it is to complete. However, as a general guide, you can expect to be without your car for one to two days while it is being wrapped. After the design of any car wrap is finalised, it’ll take seven-ten days to print and install.

How to Care for Car Wraps?2022-01-27T18:03:24+00:00

The best way to maintain your car wrap in excellent condition is to keep your car clean. Hand washing is the preferred method of any vehicle that has a car wrap installed. While a jet sprayer will clean your car faster, this can damage the wrap due to high pressure, so stick to a regular hose sprayer. You should only wash your car with the recommended detergents and warm water. It is highly recommended that you clean the outside of your car at least once a week. Anything that could potentially damage the vinyl (bird droppings, tar, tree sap, bugs, etc.) should be cleaned off as soon as possible.

In addition, vinyl graphics can fade over time, just like car paint. Try to leave your car in a shaded area when parked for long periods. Ideally, your car should be stored parked in a garage. If this is not possible, you can invest in a car cover to protect your investment.

What is the Typical Cost of a Car Wrap?2022-01-27T18:01:40+00:00

The majority of the car wrapping completed through Platinum Signs costs between $1500 – $4000. However, the exact cost of any car wrapping service is reliant on many different factors. This can include the size of the job and any design work that is completed. When requesting a car wrapping service, your quote may not include any design charges. At Platinum Signs, we have an in-house design team that can assist you in designing the perfect graphics for your car wrap.

How Much does Vehicle Wrapping Cost?2022-01-27T18:00:38+00:00

It is hard to provide estimates for all cars, as they come in various shapes and sizes. However, here you’ll find a guide to give you a good idea of the expected costs for your car wrapping:

  • Small Passenger Vehicle starting at $2,700
  • Medium Passenger Vehicle starting at $3,500
  • Large Passenger Vehicle starting at $4,400
  • Sports Coupe starting at $3,700
  • Small 4WD starting at $4,900
  • Large 4WD starting at $5,300
  • Small Commercial Van starting at
  • Large Commercial Van starting at

Car wrap costs vary tremendously, so please talk with our design staff to get an exact estimate. These averages will not include GST on this page, and they are for solid colour vinyl wraps only. If you seek graphics and other designs, the prices will increase as the entire process is more complex. Also, these estimates are for vehicles that have closed-door wrapping installed. A closed-door wrap is where you cannot see the original paint colour when the doors are closed, but when they’re open, the colour will show.

Do You Print or Use Solid Vinyl for a Car Wrap?2022-01-27T17:58:56+00:00

When it comes to car wraps, the project usually involves printing of a specific artwork. We then add matte, satin or gloss finish lamination to the prints for longer durability. For car colour changes, in most cases, such as the inclusion of metallic colours. We can also purchase the material from suppliers, as this often already comes with the added lamination.

What Brands do you Use for Car Wrap?2022-01-27T17:57:50+00:00

We are the car wrap experts not just in Sydney but also in Melbourne and Canberra. We only use the top brands in the market for vehicle wrapping (both car wraps and truck wraps). In  experience, we rely on key brands for car rwaps such as 3m, Acery, Hexis, Arlon and Orafol for optimum results and long-term success at vehicle wrapping.

What is the car wrapping process?2022-06-17T12:08:18+00:00

  1. Plan and Measure Stage – we have the sizes of the most popular vehicles on file, but our team will also perform a physical inspection. This inspection can be completed as a part of our consultation meeting.
  2. Provide a Quote – all our quotes are written with details of what will be done to the vehicle. All orders must be accompanied with a 50% deposit before we start on the project.
  3. Design – we’ll discuss what elements you need to supply and what format they must be in. We require at least your logo in a vector format (AI, EPS, etc.). Our designers will lay out your design to a template and send it to you for approval.
  4. Print and Install – after you approve the design, your vehicle will be added to our production queue. Once we are ready for your car, we’ll contact you for a suitable time to install the wrapping. With most designs, we’ll need one-two days with your car to complete the work, and we’ll call you when it is ready.
What preparation is required for the car wrap?2022-06-17T12:09:14+00:00

A vinyl car wrap is just like placing protective skin all over your vehicle. Therefore, the car must be as clean as possible when delivered to our team. You shouldn’t have any waxes, oil, or dirt on the vehicle. While your vehicle should be in a clean state, our install team will still give the panels a clean as they prepare the surface to receive the vinyl.

If you have any existing rust patches, these need to be taken care of before the wrapping process can begin. All current vinyl artwork needs to be removed. You can do it yourself, or we can complete this for an additional fee. If you’re removing it yourself, make sure you get every part of it, including any adhesive glue, as that can hinder the installation process of your new vinyl. For any vehicle that has paint in poor condition or has recently been resprayed, we cannot be held liable for damage due to the car wrapping process.

In summary, if you’re looking for car wraps Sydney, reach out for a free consultation. We also service both Melbourne and Canberra with car wraps, or with entire fleet wraps, we can service the entire country of Australia.

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Platinum Signs has been providing signage to our fleet across the country for years. We can rely upon their expertise when it comes to advise as well as trusting their crafted installers that always live up to our expectations.

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